My coffee has strawberries, blueberries or lime flavours in it... it’s almost like a fruit or flower infusion. How can it be? Does the coffee have something added?
You may have bought a dry / natural processed coffee. This method allows the bean to absorb huge amounts of natural sugars from the mucilage from the skin of the cherry, receiving intense fruit and other interesting flavors. They tend to be the most unique coffees that exist, although you have to make sure they are of very good quality as it is common to find defects in these coffees.
Of course there is no added flavoring of any kind in any of our offerings, they are all consequence of the intrinsic characteristics of the bean and the processing method.

How long does roasted coffee last fresh?

We recommend to consume our coffees within three weeks of the roast date printed on the package. After two weeks, you can start to notice a gradual decrease in the intensity of sweetness and flavors. Although each coffee is different and this is a fairly restrictive recommendation, some coffees do not lose freshness as fast, although others can lose it even quicker.

Where should I store my coffee?

RANDALL COFFEE ROASTERS uses bags made of materials and a zipper that isolate the beans very efficiently, the packages must be kept in cool and dry places. Any closet with little direct sunlight and without much exposure to moisture is a good place. Never in the fridge or freezer because they absorb all the aromas and freezing also breaks down the cell structure of the beans, impacting negatively on the clarity of flavors.

I don't see listed on your site a coffee I previously bought and loved. Why is that?

Coffee, when treated freshly, only has seasonal availability. Different regions have different harvest times, due to this offerings change throughout the year. But don’t worry, there are more options and their descriptions will help you finds other awesome coffees you will love.

How I can decide what coffees I should get from the online store?

Our coffees have very detailed descriptions and cupping notes, extremely precise, so it should not be difficult to find what you will like, but you can also take as a reference that coffees of the same variety, processing method or the same region may be similar. Although it’s always best that you listen to the tasting notes that describe each coffee individually.

How much caffeine are in your decaf coffees?

Almost nothing. Our decaffeinated coffees only contain around 0.02% of caffeine. We should also mention that we only offer Arabica coffees and they naturally only contain about half the caffeine that robustas do, this means you can easily control its stimulant effect by taking more or less coffee, but not having to worry about getting hyper with just one cup.

Are your decaf coffees done with chemicals?

No. All the decafs we offer are 100% Swiss water or CO2 decaffeinated, with no use of chemicals.

How can I brew great coffee at home?

You just have to check out our Brew Guideswith detailed instructions of different techniques.

What home brewing device do you recommend?

Each method has unique characteristics, the same coffee with each device can be remarkably different. If you want a cup with good full body you can try a French press, if you want clean flavors, crisp acidity and complexity you probably want a paper filter method as a Chemex or V60. If you want a clean cup, complex and full of the natural oils from the coffee, try an Aeropress. All of them can make fantastic coffee!



How can I buy?

Simply register, and add it to your cart the products of interest. The program will guide you to the Paypal site where you will register and make ​​your payment

How are payments made?
Payment is made through Paypal’s web. Your bank or card information is not recorded in any database server or our property.
Once ​​the payment is made we will receive a notification from paypal and immediately we will process and ship your order.

How secure are the transactions?

Payment will be made securely through the Paypal site, one of the safer payment platforms and extended worldwide. We also offer payment through wire transfer to our bank account and COD.

Do I have to register to make a purchase?
No registration is required but it is necessary for using a coupon or taking part in a promotion.
We advise registering to be able to access tracking of your order and keep updated with the latest news, offers and promotions. Your personal data will be used exclusively by us. See our Privacy Policy Privacy Policyfor more information.

If I’m not satisfied will I get my money back?
Whether it’s coffee or some other accessory, if it’s not what you ordered or there is any problem, please let us know within 7 days of receiving it indicating the incidence or the reason and we will pick it up with a transport paid by us.
We do not want just satisfied customers, we want them 100% delighted with their purchases from us.
We recommend however to never accept shipments with damaged packaging from the carrier.

What much do shipments cost?

We have flat rates for shipping within Spain and for deliveries to selected European countries (you can check shipping terms to check which countries we ship to). The cost of shipping will always be shown in your shopping cart before confirming payment.

What is the delivery time for my order?

Delivery will be made effective within 24 to 72 hours from the time of purchase, except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If you need your order in a shorter timeframe please contact us by email pedidos@randallcoffee.com

Is it possible to buy COD?

Yes, in that case when making your purchase you will be charged 3 € as handling fees, that will be charged by the transport company.

I own a business (shop, a cafe, a bar, etc.) Can I sell your products?

Yeah, sure!, contact us via email pedidos@randallcoffee.com or phone +34 637 136 511. We will contact you and advise you about the most suitable arrangements taking in mind your business.



How I can be informed about the latest news and promotions?

Follow us via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, our blog or subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about news, contests and promotions.

Where can I buy your coffee?

Online in our webshop and at the following locations:

Are you really so crazy about coffee?



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